Online Casino Industry To Be Legalised In South Africa

South African politician is ready to introduce a bill that aims at enabling residents to gamble legally via country’s online casinos. According to the legislative framework adopted in 2008, the only legal form of gambling was betting (betting on football in particular). But, as expected, the new law will reconsider the position with respect to the old rules and make the entire range of online games of chance absolutely legitimate.

The author of the bill legalising online casinos is a successful politician Geordin Hill-Lewis. According to him, he will put maximum effort to ensure that the bill is going to be adopted in the coming months.

Geordin is a dark horse politician according to locals. In 2012, he won a seat in parliament, although at that time he was only 24 years old, but then, unexpectedly for many, he headed the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa. As a representative of the opposition, he also was the youngest member of the parliament of South Africa in its entire history.

SA online casino most anticipated bill

Thus, the document includes a range of innovations such as, for example, in order to work legally in South Africa, online casino operator is required to apply for a license separately in each of the 10 provinces of the country (similar regulations are adopted in Australia) and have legal base in each province. Provincial licensing authorities will consider the candidacy of operators and separately register their business in their territory: whether as operators or technology providers. The state will create a national council of online gambling, which will be the regulatory authority for online gambling operators. An important condition would be the inability of the players to bet on credit, in any of its forms and manifestations.

Geordin Hill-Lewis proposes that each province had the right to elect the tax rate for the operators on their own, but Wayne Lurie claims that the amount of tax for all provinces should be the same. Otherwise, the market will hardly be able ensure competitive relations between the opponents. Presumably, the tax will be equal to 6%, 70% of the size of the budget will go to the provinces, and the remaining part to the country’s budget.

As the author of this bill is not among the members of the ruling majority party, the passage of his bill is far from being guaranteed. However, if the bill will overcome the first instance, it will take at least another six months before it enters into force. In addition there are numerous steps to be undertaken so the bill can provide the desired effect: the creation of standards, rules, regulations, conducting researches and etc.

South Africa moves towards legalization through a long and thorny path. Just to remember the fact that the country has been trying to eradicate black business for many years. Therefore, the ambitious bill seems to be another round that is not likely to affect the state of affairs in gambling industry in South Africa and now.