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Must-see gambling houses in AU (and what is special about them)

Casinos are Australia’s favorite leisure activity. If you have ever played before, then you know just how great it is to win and be rewarded with actual money. Billions of dollars are spent every year on gambling. However, this does not mean that Australians gamble all day long. Sure, they are rebellious spirits, but they know when to stop. That, and they know that they are big losers. While you’re bound to come across interesting settings practically everywhere, Australia is the place that will catch your attention. If you’re going to the land down under to visit, see things, and try your luck, then you need to know that there is a large number of casinos. Are you curious to know which are the most exceptional ones? If yes, please continue reading.

1. Crown Perth

Crown Perth, set on the banks of Swan River, is architecture impresses in terms of size. It is at the same time a resort and a casino. The resort comprises a casino, theatre, 2 ballrooms, a convention center, 32 restaurants and bars, recreational facilities, and a nightclub. It is like a city on its own. As you can imagine, it is huge. The number of poker machines is what makes this gambling establishment so special. The number adds up to approximately 2000 slot machines. And let us not forget about the one-of-a-kind 17 table games that are at your disposal. Crown Perth is the leading betting house in Western Australia. Do you know why? Because it keeps guests entertained at all times. It is impossible to get bored even if you spend hours at an end there.

2. Adelaide Casino

Many people will be visiting Adelaide Casino this summer and so should you. This recreational venue offers you an experience that is comparable to none. There are hundreds of slot machines, not to mention that you get to enjoy the latest game releases. What about the payouts? Well, they are as high as 6 figures. More often than not, guests’ visits end in the Barossa Room Restaurant. This is a place where players can relax and even play with each other. If there is one thing that can be said about the Barossa Room Restaurant, it is that it offers superior entertainment. When you come to the Adelaide Casino you get to interact with people and give your body a break. No matter if you want to take pleasure in European or American games, this is the place to be.

3. Casino in Desert Cave Hotel 

Gambling establishments seem to pop up everywhere and, more often than not, in highly unexpected locations. The casino in Desert Cave Hotel is such an example. What is so striking about this building is the fact that it is located underground. By underground, it should not be understood gambling that takes place in a venue that is not in accordance with the law. No, the public room is literally located below the surface. This should not come as a surprise taking into consideration that almost half of the inhabitants of Coober Pedy live underground. The casino is the only one in South Australia and the most interesting proposal if we might add. If you want to escape the heat and enjoy a good game of poker, then head on over to the Desert Cave Hotel. You have the opportunity to enjoy the finest food, service, and atmosphere, so you should better take advantage of it.

The most fascinating Aussie land-based casinos

Due to its natural wonders and warm climate, Australia has become a popular destination for travelers from all continents. Everyone knows about the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system, and the Sydney Opera House, a multi-venue arts center. After all, they represent famous attractions that generate billions of dollars every year, but since we are talking about money, we cannot overlook the most popular land-based casinos in Australia. Undoubtedly, gambling enthusiasts are very familiar with leading Australian casinos, the proof lies in the numbers of visitors. For example, The Star Casino appeals to over 8 million travelers while Crown Casino Melbourne attracts approximately 10 million visitors annually, a staggering number if you think about it. If we compare these numbers of visitors to the numbers generated by Sydney Opera House, for instance, we will definitely notice a difference, in the casinos’ favor, obviously. Crown Casino Melbourne also occupies a decent place on the list with the most visited or popular locations in the world.

The underground casino – Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy

There are other interesting facts about Crown Casino Melbourne, but we have to start with the most unusual casino in Australia. We are referring to the underground casino found at the Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy. While you are staying at the hotel, you can freely approach the subterranean poker machines in the cool, airy, quiet environment. For experienced gamblers, the place is like an oasis in the desert, except that instead of water, they have the opportunity to win great amounts of money. The heat of the desert does not reach the underground level so when playing at the casino you can also explore other areas like bars and shops. The hotel puts everything at the disposal of its guests. It surely represents a unique experience.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex – Southern Hemisphere

Returning to the top Australian tourist attraction, namely the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, it represents the most prosperous and imposing entertainment complex known. It includes a multitude of pokey machines – the Australians’ favorite pastime, traditional games like roulette and poker, which we keep seeing in movies with gangsters and electronic games like Rapid Baccarat, but it does not only resume to gambling. Visitors have the freedom to choose between three lavishing hotels and two restaurants where the Chef Gordon Ramsay himself prepares its delicious and perfect meals. The Crown Casino and Entertainment is the ideal choice for both the average visitor and the gambling lover, who can also participate in tournaments, prove their experience and enjoy grand prizes.

The Star Casino – New South Wales, Sydney

Apparently, this famous casino is right behind the Crown Casino Melbourne on the list containing the most popular entertainment venues in Australia. The gaming floor is so big and the lights are so dazzling that you feel like you might get lost in another world. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional; this casino has room for every gambler out there. You might even meet a celebrity, who obviously sits at the VIP table. Similar to the other casinos mentioned above, The Star Casino also provides award-winning restaurants, boutiques, events center, nightclub, day spa and more. Apart from the classic games, the casino includes over 1000 pokies.

Casino tourism in Australia – what shouldn’t you miss?

Often referred to as the lucky country, Australia is known for its abundance when it comes to sunshine, impressive natural sceneries, and raw materials. However, what has put Australia on the travel bucket list of many tourists is the selection of casinos found there. Besides the iconic attractions you have the possibility to discover during your Australia holiday, you should not leave until you have entered at least two or three casinos. Although you might not have known this detail until known, an extremely high number of visitors are drawn to this destination just to experience the gambling environment it has to offer. These are the land-based casinos you should not miss exploring during your visit:

Crown Casino Melbourne

Attracting more than 10 million visitors in just a year, Crown Casino, located in Melbourne, reaches the top of the list, when it comes to these types of gaming and gambling institutions. This entertainment complex is actually one of the largest around the globe, having three hotels available for guests, as well as two restaurants, both of which are owned by Gordon Ramsey, a famous TV chef. The variety of games you have the possibility to try out is certainly one that will exceed your expectations and what makes this casino even more appealing is the selection of entertaining activities you can engage in, besides gambling.

Jupiter’s Hotel & Casino

It’s a known fact that hotels and casinos go quite well together, so if you want to go on a weekend getaway that allows you to try out different slots all day long, you will love Jupiter. The luxurious design of casino will catch your eye as soon as you enter, and because you will have plenty of games put at your disposal, you will not have the chance to get bored. Being situated on the Gold Coast Broadbeach Island, the surroundings will also make the drive there extremely enjoyable. You can easily go for a short stroll to one of Australia’s stunning beaches between gambles.

The Star Casino

Probably the third most popular casino choice both for tourists and Australian gamblers is The Star Casino. If there’s a particular game you want to try out, you will most Definity find it here. The gaming floor can be described in one word as huge, and the lights of all the gaming slots fond there create a pleasant and unique atmosphere. If you are a high roller, you have the chance to sit at a VIP table, and if you are only interested in low stake slots, you will have enough options to choose from – the luxurious interior and gaming variety make The Star a must-see.

Australia is a popular destination for tourists, but what is lesser known about the location is the fascinating variety of interesting land-based casinos it has to offer. The places mentioned above are the ones that attract tourists most, proving a unique gambling environment and experience. If you get the opportunity to travel to Australia in the near future, and you are a gambling enthusiast, make sure to not miss out on these top casinos – they will be nothing like you have ever seen before.