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Must-see gambling houses in AU (and what is special about them)

Casinos are Australia’s favorite leisure activity. If you have ever played before, then you know just how great it is to win and be rewarded with actual money. Billions of dollars are spent every year on gambling. However, this does not mean that Australians gamble all day long. Sure, they are rebellious spirits, but they know when to stop. That, and they know that they are big losers. While you’re bound to come across interesting settings practically everywhere, Australia is the place that will catch your attention. If you’re going to the land down under to visit, see things, and try your luck, then you need to know that there is a large number of casinos. Are you curious to know which are the most exceptional ones? If yes, please continue reading.

1. Crown Perth

Crown Perth, set on the banks of Swan River, is architecture impresses in terms of size. It is at the same time a resort and a casino. The resort comprises a casino, theatre, 2 ballrooms, a convention center, 32 restaurants and bars, recreational facilities, and a nightclub. It is like a city on its own. As you can imagine, it is huge. The number of poker machines is what makes this gambling establishment so special. The number adds up to approximately 2000 slot machines. And let us not forget about the one-of-a-kind 17 table games that are at your disposal. Crown Perth is the leading betting house in Western Australia. Do you know why? Because it keeps guests entertained at all times. It is impossible to get bored even if you spend hours at an end there.

2. Adelaide Casino

Many people will be visiting Adelaide Casino this summer and so should you. This recreational venue offers you an experience that is comparable to none. There are hundreds of slot machines, not to mention that you get to enjoy the latest game releases. What about the payouts? Well, they are as high as 6 figures. More often than not, guests’ visits end in the Barossa Room Restaurant. This is a place where players can relax and even play with each other. If there is one thing that can be said about the Barossa Room Restaurant, it is that it offers superior entertainment. When you come to the Adelaide Casino you get to interact with people and give your body a break. No matter if you want to take pleasure in European or American games, this is the place to be.

3. Casino in Desert Cave Hotel 

Gambling establishments seem to pop up everywhere and, more often than not, in highly unexpected locations. The casino in Desert Cave Hotel is such an example. What is so striking about this building is the fact that it is located underground. By underground, it should not be understood gambling that takes place in a venue that is not in accordance with the law. No, the public room is literally located below the surface. This should not come as a surprise taking into consideration that almost half of the inhabitants of Coober Pedy live underground. The casino is the only one in South Australia and the most interesting proposal if we might add. If you want to escape the heat and enjoy a good game of poker, then head on over to the Desert Cave Hotel. You have the opportunity to enjoy the finest food, service, and atmosphere, so you should better take advantage of it.

Online Casino Industry To Be Legalised In South Africa

South African politician is ready to introduce a bill that aims at enabling residents to gamble legally via country’s online casinos. According to the legislative framework adopted in 2008, the only legal form of gambling was betting (betting on football in particular). But, as expected, the new law will reconsider the position with respect to the old rules and make the entire range of online games of chance absolutely legitimate.

The author of the bill legalising online casinos is a successful politician Geordin Hill-Lewis. According to him, he will put maximum effort to ensure that the bill is going to be adopted in the coming months.

Geordin is a dark horse politician according to locals. In 2012, he won a seat in parliament, although at that time he was only 24 years old, but then, unexpectedly for many, he headed the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa. As a representative of the opposition, he also was the youngest member of the parliament of South Africa in its entire history. (more…)

What Stands Behind Ludomania Treatment Methods?

The modern ludomania treatment involves using drugs in extremely complicated cases only. Frankly speaking, the list of indications for the use of psychotropic drugs in the treatment of pathological gambling is also quite small: thus, the indications are occasionally associated with mental disorders: mental retardation, dementia and etc. A specialized drug therapy of pathological gambling does not exist, but the experience and theory suggest that drugs with sedative effects reduce the frequency of impulses to gamble.

It is also known that the most devastating in terms of gambling addiction is formed in conjunction with drug stimulants: amphetamine, methamphetamine or cocaine. Ludomania and drug addiction give a person no second time to recover – the pockets and soul are turned inside out in every suitable moment. An echo of this phenomenon is the fact that the most popular drink in the slot machine halls is coffee, and the most common internal state is excitement. Therefore, the decelerating preparations may temporarily protect pathological gamblers.

Ludomania treatment tools

The effective tools in the treatment of pathological gambling are represented by different variations of group and individual psychotherapy courses. Perhaps, the most efficient therapy approaches are the following: behavioral, rational, long-term suggestive, psychoanalytic and bibliotherapy.

Specialized analytic therapy aims at working with the past of a ‘patient’. Rational psychotherapy focuses on current state of affairs, focusing on the fact that the addiction is fueled by an incredible amount of illusions, fantasies, self-deceptions, superstitions, myths, tales, casino secrets and so on.

Behavioral psychotherapy gambling comes from the fact that the impulse to gamble occurs in response to the trigger factors (spare cash, the proximity of entertainment centers within the range of visual contact, alcohol or drug intoxication, communication with active gamblers, loneliness, boredom and etc. The avoidance of provocation (trigger factors) is an essential element of defensive behavior that affects the success of the treatment of pathological gambling.

All of the above methods of psychotherapy take advantage of enhanced suggestion (a kind of hypnosis treatment). A suggestive appeal to the emotional sphere activates remembering good habits, greatly speeds up getting rid of gambling addiction – be it an online casino (NBSO online casino for example) addiction or some other form.

Societies of anonymous gamblers

One of the high-impact gambling therapies became the societies of anonymous players, even though they have not received a mass distribution yet, as Alcoholics or Drug addicts projects. However, dozens of societies of anonymous gamblers are already in place across major European cities (London and Manchester in particular).

The same applies to bibliotherapy. An important advantage is its accessibility, inexpensiveness (compared to other methods) and ease of use. The method inspires to read as many as one can: alone, in the circle of friends, at home, on a trip, vacation and etc. ‘Recipes of Fortune’ book provides unprecedented freedom of self-treatment of pathological gambling. The book takes an important place in the list of the popular methods of assistance in overcoming a bad habit to gamble.