Casino tourism in Australia – what shouldn’t you miss?

Often referred to as the lucky country, Australia is known for its abundance when it comes to sunshine, impressive natural sceneries, and raw materials. However, what has put Australia on the travel bucket list of many tourists is the selection of casinos found there. Besides the iconic attractions you have the possibility to discover during your Australia holiday, you should not leave until you have entered at least two or three casinos. Although you might not have known this detail until known, an extremely high number of visitors are drawn to this destination just to experience the gambling environment it has to offer. These are the land-based casinos you should not miss exploring during your visit:

Crown Casino Melbourne

Attracting more than 10 million visitors in just a year, Crown Casino, located in Melbourne, reaches the top of the list, when it comes to these types of gaming and gambling institutions. This entertainment complex is actually one of the largest around the globe, having three hotels available for guests, as well as two restaurants, both of which are owned by Gordon Ramsey, a famous TV chef. The variety of games you have the possibility to try out is certainly one that will exceed your expectations and what makes this casino even more appealing is the selection of entertaining activities you can engage in, besides gambling.

Jupiter’s Hotel & Casino

It’s a known fact that hotels and casinos go quite well together, so if you want to go on a weekend getaway that allows you to try out different slots all day long, you will love Jupiter. The luxurious design of casino will catch your eye as soon as you enter, and because you will have plenty of games put at your disposal, you will not have the chance to get bored. Being situated on the Gold Coast Broadbeach Island, the surroundings will also make the drive there extremely enjoyable. You can easily go for a short stroll to one of Australia’s stunning beaches between gambles.

The Star Casino

Probably the third most popular casino choice both for tourists and Australian gamblers is The Star Casino. If there’s a particular game you want to try out, you will most Definity find it here. The gaming floor can be described in one word as huge, and the lights of all the gaming slots fond there create a pleasant and unique atmosphere. If you are a high roller, you have the chance to sit at a VIP table, and if you are only interested in low stake slots, you will have enough options to choose from – the luxurious interior and gaming variety make The Star a must-see.

Australia is a popular destination for tourists, but what is lesser known about the location is the fascinating variety of interesting land-based casinos it has to offer. The places mentioned above are the ones that attract tourists most, proving a unique gambling environment and experience. If you get the opportunity to travel to Australia in the near future, and you are a gambling enthusiast, make sure to not miss out on these top casinos – they will be nothing like you have ever seen before.

Top 5 Gambling Apps for Android Devices

When you think gambling, then casino comes to your mind. Be aware that Google Play Store does not have Android casinos. Hence it is little tricky to identify the best one.  However, don’t panic, here you have an easy solution.

Majority of the users are there with you to know the finest gambling apps that allow them to have the gaming experience on their Android phone similar to the one they had on their PC’s.

Make use of this post to know the best five Android Casino apps that can be fun and help you make money.

5. JackpotCity

JackpotCityJackpotCity’s mobile casino can be played on your Android devices. JackpotCity, first casino to launch mobile gaming app. You can register with JackpotCity and get access to their Android app. JackpotCity offers a bonus of a maximum of 500 Euro.

JackpotCity is compatible with the Android mobile app. You can play it on both iOS and Android phone. Only open the JackpotCity mobile casino website using your smartphone.

It has many languages, and you can win money in European currencies, UK pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars or US dollars. You can also switch currencies during the game.

4. bet365

Apart from being compatible with Android devices, you can get 200 percent bonus during your first deposit with bet365 to use on your mobile.

The bet365 Android app allows the user to save bookmarks. Users can view them on their homepage. bet365 gaming offers variety, including games like keno, arcade, and virtual horse races.

3. YetiCasino

TYeti casinohe Android mobile app of Yeti Casino brings a fresh and relaxed environment along with the casino’s features. The navigation options available make it user-friendly.

YetiCasino, the most known casino app for paying quickly. Additionally, they are also famous to provide a multi-gaming platform like Amatic, Microgaming, Mega Moolah, and Arabian Nights.

Mobile users get additional spins and can have all the fun.

2. Betway Casino

If you want to play Slots, Blackjack or Roulette, then you can easily play using Betway Casino’s Android app. You can earn more bonuses! You can play from any place and anytime. One secret you must know why everyone opens an account with Betway Casino. Yes, you get 1000 Euro in cash as a welcome package. Sounds thrilling? Certainly, it is.

Enjoy gambling by downloading the Betway’s dedicated Android app!

1. Royal Panda

Royal PandaThe Royal Panda Android app features include many slots, 100 Euro bonus as a welcome package, ten free spins, and excellent interfacing with mobile. You can play casino table games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Slot machines typically include the Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Moolah, Twin Spin, and Aliens.

Royal Panda offers you to play the card game, scratch game, poker, roulette and play slots. Great to know that you can have loads of fun and real money with just one app.

In a nutshell, you can have all the fun on the go by using the gambling apps on your Android phone. What if due to restrictions locally when the game is not listed in the Google Play Store? No worries, click the button that corresponds to your device from the site, and you can reach the mobile site.

Get going on the move!

Online Casino Industry To Be Legalised In South Africa

South African politician is ready to introduce a bill that aims at enabling residents to gamble legally via country’s online casinos. According to the legislative framework adopted in 2008, the only legal form of gambling was betting (betting on football in particular). But, as expected, the new law will reconsider the position with respect to the old rules and make the entire range of online games of chance absolutely legitimate.

The author of the bill legalising online casinos is a successful politician Geordin Hill-Lewis. According to him, he will put maximum effort to ensure that the bill is going to be adopted in the coming months.

Geordin is a dark horse politician according to locals. In 2012, he won a seat in parliament, although at that time he was only 24 years old, but then, unexpectedly for many, he headed the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa. As a representative of the opposition, he also was the youngest member of the parliament of South Africa in its entire history. (more…)

What Stands Behind Ludomania Treatment Methods?

The modern ludomania treatment involves using drugs in extremely complicated cases only. Frankly speaking, the list of indications for the use of psychotropic drugs in the treatment of pathological gambling is also quite small: thus, the indications are occasionally associated with mental disorders: mental retardation, dementia and etc. A specialized drug therapy of pathological gambling does not exist, but the experience and theory suggest that drugs with sedative effects reduce the frequency of impulses to gamble.

It is also known that the most devastating in terms of gambling addiction is formed in conjunction with drug stimulants: amphetamine, methamphetamine or cocaine. Ludomania and drug addiction give a person no second time to recover – the pockets and soul are turned inside out in every suitable moment. An echo of this phenomenon is the fact that the most popular drink in the slot machine halls is coffee, and the most common internal state is excitement. Therefore, the decelerating preparations may temporarily protect pathological gamblers.

Ludomania treatment tools

The effective tools in the treatment of pathological gambling are represented by different variations of group and individual psychotherapy courses. Perhaps, the most efficient therapy approaches are the following: behavioral, rational, long-term suggestive, psychoanalytic and bibliotherapy.

Specialized analytic therapy aims at working with the past of a ‘patient’. Rational psychotherapy focuses on current state of affairs, focusing on the fact that the addiction is fueled by an incredible amount of illusions, fantasies, self-deceptions, superstitions, myths, tales, casino secrets and so on.

Behavioral psychotherapy gambling comes from the fact that the impulse to gamble occurs in response to the trigger factors (spare cash, the proximity of entertainment centers within the range of visual contact, alcohol or drug intoxication, communication with active gamblers, loneliness, boredom and etc. The avoidance of provocation (trigger factors) is an essential element of defensive behavior that affects the success of the treatment of pathological gambling.

All of the above methods of psychotherapy take advantage of enhanced suggestion (a kind of hypnosis treatment). A suggestive appeal to the emotional sphere activates remembering good habits, greatly speeds up getting rid of gambling addiction – be it an online casino (NBSO online casino for example) addiction or some other form.

Societies of anonymous gamblers

One of the high-impact gambling therapies became the societies of anonymous players, even though they have not received a mass distribution yet, as Alcoholics or Drug addicts projects. However, dozens of societies of anonymous gamblers are already in place across major European cities (London and Manchester in particular).

The same applies to bibliotherapy. An important advantage is its accessibility, inexpensiveness (compared to other methods) and ease of use. The method inspires to read as many as one can: alone, in the circle of friends, at home, on a trip, vacation and etc. ‘Recipes of Fortune’ book provides unprecedented freedom of self-treatment of pathological gambling. The book takes an important place in the list of the popular methods of assistance in overcoming a bad habit to gamble.